The idea of forming an association of the Kannada community in Frankfurt was in the making for quite some time, and was waiting for the opportune moment.

In mid-2015, several opportunities rose where the Consulate General of India invited the Indian regional associations for National events, but there was no representation from the Kannadigas.
This re-kindled the fire to form a full-fledged association for the Kannada speaking community in Frankfurt Rhein Main region.

To begin, Kannada Sneha Koota, a get together of Kannada speaking families was organized with the main intention of bringing together the people of our community and to present the idea of the Association, the objectives, and the office bearers.The overwhelming response to the idea gave birth to, Rhein Main Kannada Sangha (RMKS). The association was then registered as per German by-laws and committed itself to the service of the community in Mar-16.