Board & EC

Core Committee:
The Core Committee of the association has been nominated for a period of two years and shall oversee the functioning of the association. The following office bearers have graciously accepted to lead the association from August 2023- 2025.

The Executive Committee is as below.

  • Vedha Murthy
  • Riaz Shirsangi
  • Apporva
  • Lok Chauhan
  • Akshay Kabadi
  • Pradeep Shetty
  • Vishwa

Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee shall comprise of members interested in providing enthusiastic support to the association selected by the Core Committee members. They shall assist the Core Committee in the decision-making process and executing the plans and objectives of the association.

The Executive Committee is as below.

  • Brinda
  • Pooja Chiranth
  • Saritha Gururaj
  • Shravanthi
  • Jay