Success party



Grand success of Ugadi Utsava 2016 is being celebrated in Galluswarte Saalbau on 22nd May 2016.  The plan is to watch the video of the Ugadi event and formally close the event. Party starts at 11:00 AM and can go on upto 17:00.

The celebration during RMKS Ugadi Utsava 2016 has not just gifted us with immense pleasure and
loads of great memories but also boosted our zeal in creating many more such fun-filled, friendly

We gratefully dedicate the event’s success and all the happiness from it to each of you who graced
the special day with your warm presence and joyous participation.

Our wish was to make the event a family-like celebration and we fondly hope each of you felt the
warmth of your kith and kin around.

A formal ‘thank you’ for all the good times you have gifted us cannot be as warm as a ‘See you soon’
wish in a family-like bonding we share.

We eagerly look forward to meet you all soon and guarantee to gift you many more merry times together!